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Surf Lessons in Praia de Carcavelos / Guincho / Cascais ( Lisbon, Portugal )  
Certified Surf Instructors are assisting you in the water.

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       We emphasize the connection and the energy with the waves and the ocean. To love and respect nature, enjoying it. We are one. The ideal spot for anybody who wants to learn how to surf and balance in a board, while developing self-knowledge and performance.

       Our Surf Camp in Carcavelos, Lisbon, Portugal, is the ideal spot for who wants to surf in Europe ​ Our Surf school is located in Carcavelos Beach, wich is highly popular during the summer while in winter it is mostly given over to the surfing and bodyboarding communities, brought in by the excellent conditions here.



      We can chase the perfect waves for your Surf lessons in all Cascais' beaches: Carcavelos, São Pedro, Cascais, Guincho... ​ Get the best surf lessons with the best accommodation offer.

      Have fun with your Surf Holidays!

- life is better when you surf -


  what's included:

 - the material (wetsuit, board...)
  - sports insurance 
- 1h30 classes
Class is subject to confirmation


  what you need to bring

 - Swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit
- Sunscreen
- Beach towel
- Water bottle
- Sweatshirt (depending on the weather)

The sea is calling! Suit up!☀🏄‍🌊_#salt


 1 lesson ➳ 25€
2 lessons ➳ 45€
4 lessons ➳ 80€
1Private lesson 1 person ➳ 50€ ​
1 Private lesson 2 persons ➳ 65€

  the surf school

 - Our school is a mobile surf school allows us to customise the trip to get the best surf. Here you can find the best boards and wetsuits to you - for all sizes and body shapes.

- Professionals certified by The Portuguese Surf Federation

- We were born or raised here. We know the water, the tides. This way we can provide you better knowledge of sea conditions and local experiences.
Our instructors are assisting you in the water! ​

- We make sure we are well provided in terms of licences, surf insurances and certifications
- by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Portuguese Government and the City Hall. ​

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Thank you for your message. We will reply as soon as we can.

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