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You can't miss these beautiful beaches, so if you happen to be visiting Lisbon it is totally worthy a trip to discover one of the best beach towns in Portugal! Our charming town of Cascais is home to some of Portugal’s most gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants and pretty places to shop.

Image by Jeroen den Otter
Image by Rodrigo Kugnharski

          arrive by train 

We don't advise you to drive to Cascais center, there is very limited car parking and it's very easy and such a pleasure to take the train to Cascais.


​We  recommend you the train, it's a beautiful train ride by the sea. If you are staying with us, you need to take the train

FROM Carcavelos or Parede station 

TO Cascais (last stop).

It is about only a 15 min. train ride. ​

If you take your car you can park 2 hours for free in Auchan supermarket. There's also a parking lot next to Mercado de Cascais ​(market)




            the beaches
Carcavelos is one of the towns of the municipality of Cascais wich belongs to Lisbon.
Here we present you all Cascais' beaches. Have loads of fun finding them!
Carcavelos • Parede • Avencas • Bafureira • São Pedro do Estoril • Azarujinha • Poça • Tamariz • Moitas • Duquesa • Conceição • Rainha

Our tip:
Get off the train in Estoril station and WALK from Tamariz beach by the promenade towards Cascais, you'll find lovely Beaches from Tamariz to Praia da Rainha.

               the streets

 Once you’re in the village of Cascais, mosey around the downtown area to explore the pretty shops and stalls that boast some beachside inspired pieces.


Get some lunch in the restaurants with a view over these stunning beaches.

You can't miss Mercado de Cascais (Market) either for the delicious and reasonably priced food that will make you want to stay forever.


rent city bikes

Rent a city bike, - only for 3,90€ for the day - you will make good use of it!
You can find them in 90 places, the easier to explain you is in front of the train station, next to Mc Donald's
- You can also get one next to our apartment and take it with you on the train to Cascais


            cascais bay

Now that you had lunch, you can keep searching for beaches and wandering around.
Head to Cascais Bay, wich is also Praia da Ribeira,  that overlooks the fishing harbour and is in the heart of Cascais.
In the summer this is the spot for the city festivities with concerts and in the winter it's the spot for Christmas market and ferris wheel.

             cascais bay

 Wander around Baía de Cascais and the Municipality Office.

Visit Museu da Vila, the village museum, with free entrance, that tells you how Cascais went from a village of fishermen to a cosmopolitan city through times.

Image by Jeroen den Otter

You must stop by the Farol de Santa Marta - Beach and Santa Marta Lightouse: Casa de Santa Maria is a grand 19th-century mansion, which contains decorative tiles patterns. The blue and white lighthouse also contains a small museum, worthy of the visit and a nice coffe shop


         boca do inferno

Boca do Inferno is an interesting cliff formation which means "Hell’s Mouth". The ceaseless pounding of the Atlantic Ocean on the cliffs made a small cave, which subsequently collapsed forming a small bay and natural arch. It is stunning! You can find there a coffee shop, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.


             cycle path
Keep riding your bike in the cycle path that goes along the sea and ride towards
Cresmina, Guincho and Abano beaches

Image by Rodrigo Kugnharski

            casa da guia

 Casa da Guia is a lovely  spot with an unique range of shops, restaurants and leisure facilities fully integrated into nature.  
You can't miss stopping here because of its absolutely stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.


           guincho beach
The stunning Guincho Beach - one of the finest beaches, combines intense surfing with dramatic scenery. Guincho is situated on the western edge of the Serra da Sintra National Park and this designation has protected the remote and wild ambience of the beach from tourist development. You can also reach Guincho Beach by bus from Cascais bus station to the Praia do Guincho (BUSCAS) or the bus services 405 and 415.


         duna da cresmina

 Núcleo de Interpretação da Duna da Cresmina - this space was built to show the fauna and flora of the Guincho dunes. It has an impressive view of the Cresmina and Guincho beaches and the Sintra mountains. Since 2014, it has been an invitation for educational walks, because it has exhibitions on animal life. It serves salads, crepes, drinks and they accept dogs. Take a walk on the wooden walkways from the dunes to the beach.


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