In our surfcamp we will make sure you're having a great time and have what you need! 


Whether you want to come alone, with friends or family, or as a group we have solutions for you.

Apartments, hostels, guesthouses, you tell us where you want to stay!


We emphasize the connection and the energy with the waves and the ocean. To love and respect nature, enjoying it. We are one. The ideal spot for anybody who wants to learn how to surf and balance in a board, while developing s o self-knowledge and performance.


SUP means Stand Up Paddle.

You’ll need balance but it’s not necessary to paddle with your arms or wait for the perfect wave like when you’re surfing. It can be practiced at any place that allows your board to float and it’s excellent for beginners, children, seniors or persons with some physical limitation.


Just as in surfing, in yoga and skate we work strenght, flexibility, breathing, balance and the tought of being in the present moment. These activities make sense to us and we want you to take these experiences for your daily life.


        Would you like to learn skating? Ollies, flips and grinds are cool skateboarding stunts you will learn.  Our method is complete. Enjoy the moment. The skate lessons on the ground will help you in your surf lessons on the ocean.



Short functional exercises set for a complete training, based on your physical conditions. You can improve your methabolic system, your body and your performance.

Join us!


Sport or relaxing massage - stimulate your senses and smooth your mind. ​ A sport massage will increase your performance and decrease the risk of injuries while the relaxing massage will stimulate your senses and smooth your mind.

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​Let yourself be seduced by the magic of Portugal!

So much to see! Take our advise and get to know the country on a day tour with us!

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We know. We've all been there: you're happy on your vacation but suddenly there's urgent work and only you can solve everything. So where can you go? To our coworking space very, very, very close to the beach!


        How about enjoying the best of the Lisbon coast by boat? 

Discover the alluring views of the city embraced by Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean. We promise you fun and unforgettable moments in our beloved home city.



Carcavelos, Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal

+351 916 869 243

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